Thursday, April 26, 2012

This is a paid to click site it's not a scam and it will make you money. If you work hard and check back every day for new ads it will make you some extra $$. It's fun and easy to do, I don't even look at the ads half the time


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      Clix Grid

      Well let me first start off by telling you a little bit about clicksense. It's a paid to click site most ads will pay you .01 to 1.00 they say they will pay you .01 to 5.00 I haven't seen a 5.00 ad yet but they have something called a click grid and you can win 5.00 on that.
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      This is a fun easy site to use I have the Internet on my mobile phone so when I'm at work or on a long trip I click ads and make some extra change. At home I click on an ad walk away go do something come back click on another.
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      They also have a free affiliate program free members will get $2.00 if their direct referral upgrades to a Premium account. You will also receive 10% of your referrals' ad purchases. Upgraded member are paid .01 for each referral. When someone upgrades you get 2.00 you also get paid a % of the ads they click on. When someone they refer upgrades you get 1.00
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      To upgrade it's only 10.00 if you work hard you will make that back in no time. Free members get about 100 ads at first. 400 for the upgrade. There are new ads every day. Free members get 20 clicks on the click grid and upgraded get 50.
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      They also have a link to lut lot's its a wholesale website open to the public, they have really cheap things to buy and gift ideas, things I never would of thought to buy people but love it when I see the item.
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      They have free banners you can use to help refer people to your site, the click grid game and lots of other tools. You can follow them on facebook and twitter.

Tips & Warnings

  • Anyone that upgrades and can get 3 other friends to upgrade E-mail me at my ehow with CLIXSENSE UPGRADE in the subject line. Tell me your clixsense user name and address. I will send you a 5.00 Dunkin Donuts gift card. Thats half the upgrade fee right there.